Free farrowing
thumbnail_390 crates MultiFarrow

390 crates MultiFarrow

For this project we delivered and installed 390 pieces MultiFarrow, free farrowing crates.
On this farm the MultiFarrow® farrowing crates will be used for farrow to wean.
Regarding the dutch regulations, 40% of the floor in weanerhouse have to be solid.
Therefor a solid concrete floor is placed in the middle with composite slats left and right.’
We have installed a feeder for sow and piglets together.
After weaning, the piglets will get feed from the same feeder as they have learned from the sow.

On this project, we also installed a new service room, all the feeding installation and watersupply.

Click here to follow the link for a video of this project.

If you need more information about this project or options for your own farm, please contact us.