Nijenkamp Nijenkamp design, produce and assembles various products for the agricultural sector, like farrowingcrates, penning, feedsystems and water supply systems.

Livestock equipment


For almost 55 years Nijenkamp is a well known producer of equipment for pig farming.


Over these years both the product range and the working area have been greatly expanded.

Our equipment can be find in several countries all over the world.


Nijenkamp’s core activities are the design, production and assembly of complete equipment.
We can also provide other parts like feed storage, feed installations and drinking systems.
We are able to deliver our products with a NEN-EN1090 – CE certificate.

Our company has a modern machine park, including a waterjet for cutting all kinds of materials.


From our office in Lemelerveld, a team of wellmotivated employees ensure a good advice, punctual delivery, professional assembly and full service.