Feeding systems and storage

Feeding systems and storage

Nijenkamp can offer a suitable feeding installation for every barn and wish.

This can be a circular feeding installation with a cable or chain, but also auger systems and computer-controlled feeding installation.

We can offer electronic feeding stations as well as the Daltec biofix system for pregnant sows.
Bio-Fix is ​​a new way of feeding a group of sows.
The advantage of the Bio-Fix system is the simultaneous feeding of all sows in the group.

This gives the group less competition during feeding.


Features Bio-Fix:

  • Simultaneous feeding of the animals
  • Less competition during feeding
  • Amount of feed application corresponds to eating speed
  •  Only 1 dispenser needed per 2 sows


The Bio-Fix dosator is:

  • Available with 6 liter capacity
  • Easy to open for cleaning
  • To half close 1 dispenser per pen, an odd number of sows can be fed.
  • Dispensers can completely be closed with a slide valve