Computer controlled feeding systems

Computer controlled feeding systems

Computer controlled feeding systems are installations that dispense the correct amount of feed with the correct composition per feeding place.

The heart of these feeding installations is the Fancom F 71 computer
This allows you to determine the size and composition of the feed mixture. Extensive management functions are also available on the Fancom F71.

A total of 20 components can be fed and 20 feeding curves can be set according to your own wishes to realize a stepless transition from one type of feed to another.
There is also the possibility to dose small components (additives) such as worming granules, medicines and minerals.

The components are dosed in a stainless steel weigher / mixer.
This weigher / mixer is set up in a solid steel frame.
Capacity ± 105 kg with large electro-pneumatic release valve.

Route control:
The unique route system in the Fancom F71 ensures that the feed reaches the feed trough quickly and without unnecessary waiting times. This means that several portions can be on the road on different routes at the same time.

Auger system:
For the feed transport we use spiral augers.
To choose the right routes, stainless steel pneumatic route valves are used.

The plastic VDL feed valves are pneumatic and are controlled by valves.
These valves being placed in the central corridor so that as little electricity as possible enters the room.

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