Livestock equipment

Nijenkamp is designing, producing and assembling various products for the agricultural sector, like farrowingcrates, penning, feedsystems and water supply systems.


Nijenkamp designs and produces small steel contstructions and stainless steel parts.

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Waterjet cutting

By the use of a waterjet cutting machine it is possible to cut your products with great precision without discoloration or deformation.
The productrange is bigger than with a laser.

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Nijenkamp is NEN1090 certified. This allows us to deliver parts that have been produced in accordance with NEN-EN1090.

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What can we do for you:

Advice & design

Together with you we can make a design of your plans so that the end result fits in perfectly with your wishes.


To produce all equipment we have our own factory with modern machinery and a dedicated team of employees.


Of course we give a good service on our equipment.